Commercial Rentals in Central Pennsylvania​​​

Both new and established businesses can benefit from commercial rentals as opposed to purchasing a property for business. The staff at Property Management, Inc. manages more than 7,000,000 square feet of commercial space throughout Harrisburg, PA and Central Pennsylvania. Our unsurpassed customer service partners you with the right property to meet your needs for both current and future growth.


The Benefits of Leasing a Commercial Space


The upfront cost of buying is much higher than leasing. With a rental agreement, you are able to secure premium space without losing the opportunity to further invest into your business. Growth is also a huge solidifying factor to a lease vs. purchase decision. When you buy a commercial space, it is estimated to take at least seven years to even out the upfront costs of a purchase.


Do you know where your company will be in seven years? A lease gives you the opportunity to move to meet the needs of your growing business while negating the hassle of property maintenance. The cost of your lease payments can also be deducted from tax burdens; this same scenario is not true in a commercial purchase situation.


Renting with Property Management, Inc.


Property Management, Inc. is an accredited management organization. Real estate management is not a part of our business; it is our only business. Our team focuses full energy on helping both residential and commercial clients find the right property to fit their needs and budget.


View our current available space today, or call to speak with a Property Management, Inc. representative directly.


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