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As a recognized Accredited Management Organization, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of integrity and timely, professional customer service.​ We offer special, affordable housing programs for both families and individuals who qualify in Chambersburg

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The search for a place to live can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’re looking to lease or rent. Not only do you need to find a place that you like, but that place also needs to be located in the right area and monthly rent costs must fit into your budget. Plus, you need apartment or townhome management you can trust to keep your unit in good working order at all times — even when the unexpected occurs.

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Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Chambersburg, PA? Let our experienced, professional staff at Property Management, Inc. guide your search and help you locate that special place you want to call home. At PMI, we help you prioritize these many options and decisions. We know South Central Pennsylvania like no other management company, which helps us best connect apartment and townhome seekers like you with the apartments that match their needs. 

This part of the state is beautiful — a place where residents can truly live life to the fullest. But the apartment or townhome you choose in Chambersburg will in many ways affect your experience living in the area. Which is where PMI comes in. We take all of these considerations and your unique situation, and we help you find apartments in Chambersburg, PA that will match those unique needs.​

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At PMI, we work with all types of customers. Some have been searching for a long time, and they’ve become frustrated by the hunt for apartments in Chambersburg, PA. Others are just starting their search and they have no idea where to begin sorting through the many options. We can help you make sense of your search, no matter where you stand in the process. 

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Property Management, Inc. is your one-stop destination for information, ​rental applications, and tenant requirements. Don’t waste another minute of your search for an apartment by looking without our knowledge and experience on your side. Let us help you find the perfect unit in Chambersburg, PA.​