Apartments in Lancaster County, PA​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Are you ready to start your search for apartments in Lancaster County, PA? We’re ready to help. Take a look at our portfolio of options using the table below, and always feel free to contact us directly. We can answer questions and provide expert guidance as you search for the perfect fit from among apartments and townhouses in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas in Lancaster County.

​PMI ​Apartment Listings in Lancaster County​

​Property ​City, State
​Colonial Apartments ​Akron, PA
Crimson King ​Elizabethtown, PA
​East High Village ​Elizabethtown, PA
Fulton Manor Apartments ​Akron, PA
​Wilshire Hills ​Lancaster, PA

There’s nothing more personal than the place you call “home.” That’s why you spend so much time and put so much thought into your search for apartments for rent in Lancaster, PA. You want and need a place that feels comfortable — a place where you can relax, entertain, and do the ma​ny things that mean a life lived in full. At Property Management, Inc., we specialize in helping our customers find the best choice from among their many options for apartments in Lancaster, PA, as well as surrounding areas.

At PMI, our apartment options are known for their reliability and convenient locations. We make looking for apartments in Akron, Elizabethtown, and Lancaster, PA easier than ever before. You’ll find a wide range of options in our portfolio, including a variety of different floor plans and attractive ​​amenities such as large closets, laundry facilities, private entrances, and more.

You’ll find that our apartment and town homes in Lancaster, PA also offer desirable locations — close for opportunities to bike, walk, or commute downtown. You’ll be in close proximity to get to the most popular hotspots in Lancaster County.​

 Apartments in Lancaster, PA

PMI: Taking the Stress out of t​he Pr​ocess

Yes, the search for apartments in Lancaster County, PA can sometimes feel overwhelming. You’re looking for the perfect place to call home, and you’re looking for the perfect blend of space, location, amenities, price, etc. It can feel overwhelming and incredibly stressful, too.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have experience and knowledge on your side. At PMI, we take the stress out of your search for apartments for rent in Lancaster, PA. We know the Lancaster County area inside and out. We also take the time needed to understand your unique wants and needs, and then we use that knowledge to connect you with options you’ll love. While some property management companies may try to nudge you toward an option that isn’t a good fit just to meet their own needs, we only consider ourselves successful when we help you find the type of apartment or town home you’ve been dreaming of.

After all, life is too short to live somewhere you don’t love. Make sure you love where you live when you choose PMI during your search for apartments for rent in Lancaster, PA. As an Accredited Management Organization, we meet the highest standards of quality and customer service. If you’ve been searching for a trusted advisor who can assist with your search, look no further than PMI for assistance in finding apartments and townhouses in Lancaster. Reach out to us by phone to ask questions or to learn more. 

Townhouse and  Apartments in 

Lancaster, Pa, Akron, PA, and Elizabethtown, PA​

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Finding Apartments in​ Lancaster County, PA

​What makes PMI your best option when searching for apartments in Lancaster, PA and nearby communities? It starts with experience, knowledge, and a collective commitment to customer service. Our team of experts can direct you to the perfect location to call home. We are conveniently located so visit our offices, or you can always reach out to us by phone. Our offices in Lemoyne, PA and State College, PA​ have a great selection of rental properties throughout central Pennsylvania.​