Apartments For Rent in Shippensburg, PA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We’re always here to help you sort through your options while looking for residential apartments for rent in Shippensburg, PA. Contact us by p​​hone to ask questions or get expert guidance. See our listings in Shippensburg using the table below:

​Property ​City, State
Bard Townhouses​ ​Shippensburg, PA
Chateau Terrace ​Shippensburg, PA
​​Roxbury Ridge ​Shippensburg, PA
​Village of Timber Hill ​Shippensburg, PA

Different apartment seekers have wildly different needs. When searching for apartments and townhouses in Shippensburg, PA, young professionals will have differen​​t needs than college students who will have different needs than families.

At Property Management, Inc., we understand and respect these differences, which is why we offer a vast portfolio of apartments for rent in Shippensburg, PA. We have apartments that are perfectly suited to the needs of college students, including proximity to campus, affordability, and more. We​​ also have apartments and town homes for rent in Shippensburg, PA that are great for young professionals and families.

How can you make sense of your options? It’s hard when there’s so much that’s important to your search, including location, price, amenities, and more. At PMI, our team of experienced and knowledgeable management professionals can help you filter through your priorities to get a manageable list of options that best meet your needs. You’ll find options that have one, two, and three bedrooms, and you’ll find options that include a wide range of amenities: including private entrances, volleyball courts, patios, picnic areas, and more. In Shippensburg, we also specialize in helping college students find the perfect place to call home while earning their degrees.

Finding An ​​Apartment in Shippensburg, PA

At PMI, we serve as an Accredited Management Organization, which is just one small indication of our great commitment to high standards in customer service. But we’re most proud of our 50-year history of helping apartment seekers and residents live their best life in Central Pennsylvania. What are you looking for in apartments for rent in Shippensburg, PA? We want to understand your unique needs and then help you sort through your many options to find the very best place to live.

Once we understand what exactly you’re looking for, we can help facilitate tours of a few good options for you. We can also help you better understand any move-in specials that will save you money, as well as availability and how you can find the right apartment at the right time. This is where our knowledge and experience of the area come in handy. You can find other service providers that claim to be able to help you find the perfect apartment, but you won’t find the same depth of knowledge and experience as what you’ll find when you choose PMI.​


Shippensburg Student Housing

Students have a unique set of needs when searching for apartments and townhouses for rent in Shippensburg, PA. The school here is such a part of the overall culture and community, and there’s no shortage of student housing. But it can be hard to find high-quality student housing — apartments and town homes that are affordable and close to campus as well as include the amenities and responsive service that students too often lack in their housing. At PMI, we place an emphasis on creating ideal environments for students to study, to socialize, and to generally make the most of this special time of education. Our student housing options include all-inclusive features with utilities, internet, laundry, and amenities for students such as a tanning bed, pool table, and media center at Bard Townhouses.​

Student Housing and Residential Apartments in Shippensb​​​urg, PA​​​

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At PMI, we do our best to help apartment seekers make the perfect choice for them. This goes for students who are in search of the perfect housing while spending time earning an undergraduate or graduate degree, and this goes also for families, professionals, and others who need apartments in Shippensburg, PA. We have the unique knowledge and experience needed to provide service you won’t find anywhere else when searching for apartments for rent in Shippensburg.