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Apartments for rent in State College, PA Tall Building Photo - Property Management, Inc.
RDG was the development consultant for the 266,000 sq.ft. Penn National Insurance Office Tower located on Market Square in Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg, PA apartment building for rent photo - Property Management, Inc. RDG developed the 54,800 sq.ft. Corporate Headquarters for Keystone Financial, Inc.


Successful real property development requires five basic services:
  • Project coordination
  • Financial analysis and feasibility
  • Site planning and approvals
  • Design and construction
  • Property management

Project Coordination

As coordinator of the entire project, RDG establishes realistic goals and expectations at the outset of the development process. Project guidelines are determined by careful evaluation of the type and amount of current and future space needs, an analysis of available sites, and an understanding of local regulations. As the project evolves, RDG is responsible for coordinating every aspect of its implementation, including design, scheduling, costing, team meetings, governmental approvals, and construction.

Financial Analysis and Feasibility

When space requirements have been determined and a site has been selected, RDG develops a capital budget which includes the cost of land acquisition, site development, and construction, as well as indirect costs such as architectural, financial, closing, development, and marketing. RDG will also prepare an operating budget and review the debt and equity needs of the project.
At this time the development team considers various options regarding ownership and financing. Options may include a joint venture, a build/lease, lease with an option to purchase, or development for a fee.

Site Planning and Approvals

This phase requires an in-depth site analysis based on the client's specific requirements. It may entail a Phase I Environmental Study, a permit analysis, a review of the subdivision process, an examination of the available utilities, and a study of local building codes. In certain circumstances, RDG may have suitable existing space or a building designed and approved for immediate construction.

Design and Construction

Regularly scheduled project meetings, during design and construction which involve the future tenant, are held to establish the team relationship that is critical to achieving previously agreed-upon goals and objectives.

Property Management

Property management specialists become involved from the outset of the development program providing up-to-date operating costs and recommendations for the efficient operation of the building. An early dialogue with the client to determine long-term operating goals is encouraged.


RDG's development stlyle is characterized by commitments to:

Flexibility...RDG is prepared to function as owner, partner, or consultant in property development. This flexibility provides for an atmosphere of innovation in each of the firm's endeavors.
Reliability...From the earliest cost estimates and schedules to financial packaging, RDG works hard to ensure that accurate and complete information is available to the development team at each step in the process.
Responsiveness...Whether it is in structuring a specialized transaction or in giving timely answers to a client's questions, RDG believes responsiveness is one of the keys to sound management decisions.
Long-Term Relationships... RDG forms team relationships involving owners, tenants, financial institutions, and investors to generate sustained growth over the long term while simultaneously building value and contributing to the community.


RDG has extensive experience in all phases of real property development with a proven record of accomplishment. Through its affiliates and principals, RDG has...
  • Developed and built 636,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space and 720,000 sq.ft. of office space
  • Developed and/or acquired approximately 1,500 apartment units throughout Central Pennsylvania

Some of our projects:

​Property ​Location ​Sqft.
​Penn National Insurance Co. ​Harrisburg, PA ​266,000 sf.
​Centre Medical Sciences Bldg. ​State College, PA ​127,508 sf.
​Delta Dental Headquarters ​Mechanicsburg, PA ​96,652 sf.
​Keystone Plaza ​Harrisburg, PA ​54,800 sf.
​Penn State Community Health Center ​Hershey, PA ​44,770 sf.
​Nuclear Support Services, Inc. ​Middletown, PA ​17,158 sf.
​Gettysburg Internal Medicine Bldg. ​Gettysburg, PA ​14,000 sf.
​Legacy Bank ​Harrisburg, PA ​11,300 sf.

Some of our warehouse projects:

​Property ​Location ​Sqft.
​D.D. Jones Building ​Harrisburg, PA ​300,000 sf.
​PennDot Building ​Harrisburg, PA ​196,000 sf.
​7159 Grayson Road ​Harrisburg, PA ​100,000 sf.


JOHN H. RHODES Chairman of Rhodes Development Group, Inc.

Mr. Rhodes is a 1962 graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a major in Real Estate and Finance. Mr. Rhodes has over 43 years experience as a commercial real estate lender, developer, manager and investor.
His knowledge of the Central Pennsylvania real estate market and his understanding of the economics of real estate transactions have been recognized by his peers. This is evidenced by Mr. Rhodes having spoken to the leading real estate associations including The Mortgage Bankers Association of America, The American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, and the National Association of Apartment Developers and Owners. In addition he has had articles published in periodicals such as "Mortgage Banker" and "Apartment Construction News".

ERIC KUNKLE, CPM, President and Chief Operating Officer of Property Management, Inc.

Mr. Kunkle is a 1991 graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Mr. Kunkle joined the Company in 1991. He oversees the daily operations of the Commercial Management Division. In addition, he is the liaison and coordinator for the information systems throughout our entire organization.

MARK J. STEPHENS, CPA, MBA, Vice President and Treasurer

Mr. Stephens is a 1980 graduate of Shippensburg University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Accounting, a 1988 graduate of York College of Pennsylvania with a Masters of Business Administration and a 1994 graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the University of Delaware. Prior to joining Property Management Mr. Stephens was Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Hersha Hospitality Management and has held various financial leadership positions previously. Mr. Stephens is responsible for financial management and strategy of the Company.

DUANE W. DROZDOWSKI, CPM, Senior Vice President-Manager Residential Division

Mr. Drozdowski is a 1987 graduate of Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources, Park Administration. He joined the company in June 1996 and has over fifteen years of professional experience in the areas of senior housing, market-rate multifamily housing, and subsidized housing management. Prior to his employment with Property Management, Inc., Mr. Drozdowski was the Director of Senior Housing Management with the Redevelopment and Housing Authority of Cumberland County. Mr. Drozdowski served as President of the Apartment Association of Central Pennsylvania (a chapter of the National Apartment Association) from 2000 to 2002, and Treasurer 2002 through 2006.

DAVID E. DYSON. Senior Vice President and Controller of Property Management, Inc.

Mr. Dyson is a 1980 graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting. Mr. Dyson joined PMI in June, 1980 and handles the daily operations of PMI's internal network of skilled employees. His "hands on" approach and attention to detail ensures that proper controls are in place for properties we manage.

SUZANE M. NEIMAN. Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Neiman is a 1990 graduate of Old Dominion with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. Mrs. Neiman joined our company in September 1996. Since that time her duties have included division secretary, general accounting, payroll processing and developmental accounting.

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