Updates Completed on the State College PMI Office

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PMI's new State College rental office lobby

Pennsylvania's Property Management, Inc. recently updated its State College rental office to better reflect our company's commitment to offering premier off-campus living accommodations.

As soon as the students and parents walk through our doors, we want to help them feel comfortable while making significant life decisions, all while signaling the quality they should come to expect from Property Management, Inc. and the peroperties we manage. 


What Did We Change At Our State College Office?

After some extended work throughout the last few months, the office has a distinctively updated atmosphere that will hopefully increase workflow, grow marketing, and encourage more relaxation for students while the staff attends to their needs.

Regarding overall ambiance, the walls in the front office now sport a light blue/gray paint combination, and all the doors feature black paint for a clean, sleek look.

We improved all the passé cabinetry, hardware and countertops to help the entire space feel more contemporary compared to the old design. The beverage bar's red countertop has also been transformed as part of the overhaul.

You'll find practical improvements, too, as we got rid of the inconvenient built-in wall with the red countertop and replaced it with a table that's accessible for those with disabilities. Now, it has become an area that is much better-suited for leasing and paperwork.

Speaking of work efficiency, we enacted a change in layout. We've redesigned the floor plan to open it up, which helps maximize usage and reinforce a professional image. The changes to the entire office also made a profound impact on the front area with an increase in natural light and that immediately exposes the office to a higher amount of foot and car traffic.

Updated signage and handmade artwork serve to refine the office's student-friendly atmosphere even further.

The updated rental office of PMI's State College location 

Contact PMI's PSU Office Today

Trust PMI for safe and affordable student housing in college towns like Shippensberg and State College. You can experience the office's makeover firsthand with a visit to the location, which sits at 317 E. Beaver St. in State College. Visit us or give us a call at 814-278-7700 to schedule an appointment. 

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