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Manufactured housing is not the “trailers” of yesteryear.

Today’s Manufactured homes offer many desirable features that crush the perception of a trailer.  Basically, these homes are made of the same components as traditional site-built homes, drywall, OSB board and lumber etc.     

Manufactured Community Management - PMIManufactured Home Management - PMI


So, what are the differences?

The biggest differences between manufactured housing verses site-built homes can be summed up in TWO words, “CODE” and “COST”.

Manage Manufactured Communities - PMI   Manage Manufactured Homes - PMI


Let’s take a CLOSER LOOK –

Manufactured built housing is primarily built with typical materials to perform in specific manner–

  • BUILT PER HUD CODE Federal Code that supersedes the UCC under Federal inspection
  • Built in a climate-controlled facility where materials are kept out of the elements
  • To perform in such a manner that meet wind zone, snow load and thermal zones for the location where the home is to be installed
  • Made to be EASILY transportable to homesite
  • Constructed assembly line to minimize expenses and streamline processes which lowers cost
  • Typically, 30% less expensive than stick built homes per square foot
  • Less expensive to own and maintain
  • Can appreciate in value if maintained properly

Traditional / Stick built housing is built with a prescriptive method using specific components

  • BUILT PER UNIFORM CONSTRUCTION CODE under Local/State Inspections
  • Built outside in the elements where there is little to no protection form moisture on the structure as it’s being constructed
  • Meets designated code to for wind and snow loads
  • Constructed on the homesite
  • Costs per square foot vary but are much higher than Manufactured / Factory Built
  • More expensive to own and maintain
  • Appreciates at a higher rate

Preoperty Management in Pennsylvania  Property Management in PA


Manufactured or Factory Built homes are designed to be a more affordable option to site-built homes; yet still provide quality for consumers that want to own their home rather than rent.

Today’s manufactured homes can travel down the highway at 60 MPH with sustained wind and stay in one piece. So they will hold up in that storm with 60 + MPH wind gusts.

So, don’t dismiss an affordable option just because you are not familiar with the product and options.  Check them out you may find your new home!


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